Go Casino Review

Reviewing Go Casino was very fun for us, as we had tested the casino personally in order to assure our players would be kept safe and secure in their gambling, all the while treated to an experience of unparalleled fun and excitement. They use eCheck casino deposits in order to provide their players with the fastest transactions possible. You will see that there are a few other deposit options available, but e-checks have become their primary option. Go Casino even has a fairly large amount of bonuses, tournaments, games, and an easy to use cashier - all through the Vegas Technology software.

Go Casino Software

The Vegas Technology software is what powers this casino, and it has opened up a large number of games through the casino. They provide their users with a large number of slots, as well as table games, video poker, and many other options - all because of this incredible, long lasting software. They have many tournaments, which several running on a daily basis. The software can function on nearly any form of Windows, which is good news for players on anything from Windows 95 to Windows 7 - and everything in between. You will see that Vegas Technology gives their players stability as well, which will provide you with a gaming experience that will not crash or falter. >> Visit Go Casino

Go Casino Deposit Bonuses

Go Casino offers several useful bonuses, most of which are themed around their BetMiles program, which is their rewards program. You can earn rewards such as free wagers, pick a day of the week to get extra rewards, and more.

There are various levels of the BetMiles Club, each of which allows you to earn more rewards and receive more in value. You level up by earning a certain amount of points, which allows you access to the higher tiers of the club. The higher you level up, the more rewards you get on the day of the week you select, including huge bonuses. The top tier of the club gets 200% bonuses up to three times a week on deposits of $1500 and above, but there’s plenty of value to be found for non-high rollers as well. >> Visit Go Casino

Go Casino Bonuses
Rewards Level
Table Games
Video Poker
Required Points Earned
Zircon Club $100 100 75 75 65 0
Topaz Club $100 100 75 75 65 10,000
Sapphire Club $100 105 79 79 68 50,000
Ruby Club $100 110 83 83 71 100,000
Emerald Club $100 113 87 87 75 500,000
Black Opal Club $100 119 91 91 79 1,000,000
Blue Garnet Club $100 123 94 94 83 5,000,000
Red Diamond Club $100 125 101 101 87 10,000,000
Regent Diamond Club $100 129 105 105 91 25,000,000
Hope Diamond Club $100 133 109 109 94 50,000,000
Excelsior Diamond Club $100 139 113 113 97 10,000,000
Millennium Star Club $100 145 119 119 100 250,000,00

Go Casino's U.S. Players Policy

Many have asked us whether or not Go Casino can be used by American gamblers, and the simple truth is that American gamblers are in something of a grey area. Gamblers in the United States will find that Go Casino can be used regardless of which state you live in. Provided you are above the legal gambling age in your jurisdiction, you should not have too much trouble playing with what you find in the Go Casino review. Go here for a full list of online casinos that accept Echecks and USA players.